ItalSimpatia Culture is a commission of Dante Alighieri Society. We develop important principles: cultural, innovative, economic and solidary. The commission is composed of experts and excellence in several sectors. Important element in the committee, it’s the age range between 24 and 60 years, vital to increased expression and dissemination of Italian culture abroad. Following: the presence of several Italian regional backgrounds, high ratio of people male and female. The partners: digital ones, allow the use and excellence of the latest technologies (fundamental with the massive entry into the digital world), the cultural ones, are able to represent the highest levels of Italian culture.

The goal is to show the Italian culture in its breadth and evolution, with the style that distinguishes Italy in terms of culture, elegance, innovation and fun too. This fundamental element for the involvement of a wide age group. Also in anticipation of Expo 2020 the project is proposed as the mission publicize the highest levels of Italian culture for a main attraction of the premises and not to the Italian State.

The project “ItalSimpatia Culture” aims to represent Italy country rich in culture, where the latter is understood in its broadest sense, following a typical line of documentary filmmaking. The vision that stands out in its interior is an Italy, a pioneer country and promoter of the globalization of today and tomorrow. Solidarity, culture, education, connectivity, intersection are the predominant elements of vision

The objectives that the project aims to achieve are:

• Extensive involvement of the local population to the various projects

• Sponsorship of the Italian cultural excellence in Dubai • Extensive involvement in the network for greater global visibility

• support and possibility of a transitional Italy path in anticipation of Expo 2020 • globalized and globalizing vision of the two countries

• Ability to create an excellent channel for the Italian economy with the city of Dubai. • Involvement of the competent institutions the Italian education in the various projects (eg. Universities, schools, institutes).

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